Animal Camp Chiropractic

At Animal Camp Chiropractic, Dr. Labadie, D.C. strives to provide your pet with the best possible chiropractic care.  Whether in your home or at the clinic, you can rest assured Dr. Labadie, D.C  will give your pet the same individual and loving care she gives her own “fur-babies”.

Working closely with your pet’s veterinarian, Dr. Labadie, D.C will evaluate your pet for spinal subluxations that may be interfering with the optimal function of your pet’s nervous system.  Just like in humans, an animal’s nervous system plays an integral part in the overall health and well being of the body.   This system controls everything from muscle function to digestion.  When it becomes compromised due to stress, poor diet, injury and everyday life, so does our body’s ability to function at its optimal level.

Chiropractic care can assist in restoring balance to the nervous system, thereby allowing the body’s innate ability to heal.

In addition to animal chiropractic care, Dr. Labadie, D.C. also provides chiropractic care to humans.  As a sacral occipital technique practitioner, Dr. Labadie uses a gentle, low force technique to address imbalances in a patient’s nervous system.  She is also certified in Functional Dry Needling.  Practicing out of the Edwards Chiropractic & Acupuncture Center in Edwards, CO,  Dr. Labadie is centrally located to provide convenient chiropractic care.  Dr. Labadie, D.C. also offers mobile services animals.   Schedule an appointment for both you and your dog and save a trip to town.