When does my dog need chiropractic care?

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The question I get asked most in regards to animals and chiropractic care is, how do you know when an animal needs to be adjusted? Very good question! The most simply answer…They just aren’t acting like themselves. Their energy may be low, endurance on hikes isn’t what it normally is or they just seem a little cranky.

More specifically you can look for changes in posture or gait. If your dog is sitting to the left or right instead of squarely on his/her rump, it is a good indication there is a restriction in the low back. Another clue is if they are resistant to jump in and/or out of the car or off the bed. This may be due to a restriction in the neck which makes looking up or down uncomfortable. If you have noticed a “hiccup” or “hitch” in your dog’s gait, this could be a sign of restriction in the pelvis and/or low back. Limp seem to be more in the front than back, this may be a shoulder issue or restriction in the upper to mid back.

You don’t need to wait till you notice your dog is uncomfortable or in pain before getting them chiropractic care. As with humans, chiropractic care is a great preventive treatment that can help your dog stay healthy and injury free. Summer is coming to an end, but there is still great hiking to be done and adventures to be had with your furry friend. Keep your dog healthy and happy with regular chiropractic adjustments!

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Dr. Christine