Oh the weather outside is frightful…

For those of you that are lucky enough to live somewhere where it snows, you know that the winter brings both joys and pains.  It is important to keep in mind our pets are effected by the cold weather the same as we are.  Just because they wear fur coats does not mean they can withstand the winter climate untouched.  Animals can become hypothermic just like we can, they can also get frostbite.



When enjoying the winter wonderland with your furry friends remember they don’t wear snow boots (well most dogs don’t, but more on that in a minute).  Check their pads often when on a hike and after they come in from outside.  Make sure there are no “ice balls” caught in the fur between the toes.  Also inspect the pads for cracks or cuts.  Ice and gravel can be hard on a dog’s pads.  Just like our skin drying out or cracking in the winter, dogs’ pads can get dry and cracked.  A great remedy for dry, cracked pads is “Paw Wax”, made locally in Colorado by Halfpint Naturals.  Made of all natural ingredients and nourishing oils, this easy to apply wax stick works great!  I have even used it on my own dry skin 🙂  If your dog is walking on surfaces that have been salted or had other ice melting chemicals applied, wipe your dog’s paws with a warm, wet towel after your walk to remove the chemicals.  Salt and other chemicals used to melt snow can be harmful for dogs’ paws and can be very uncomfortable for them.  As for the booties…some dogs will actual tolerate booties. These can be especially helpful for dogs that hike a lot or are working dogs.

Jackets are usually better tolerated by dogs then the booties. They can be very helpful in keeping your dog warm and dry. Jackets come in all sorts of sizes, styles and shapes. From the fashionable to the functional, a jacket is a great option for winter (and wet) weather. If you and Fido walk in the wee hours of the morning or well past dusk, consider a jacket with reflectors for even more protection.

So what if your dog loves the snow and hates to be inside?  My husky, Bear, was definitely one of these dogs!  I respected the fact Bear was a snow dog and happiest when buried in inches of freshly fallen powder.  However, I also wanted her to be safe and comfortable.  Bear always had a heated area to take cover in out of the harsh weather.  She also had access to fresh, unfrozen water.  Regardless of temperature or season, your dog must have shelter and fresh water available.

Winter can be a great time of year, filled with fun activities for you and your canine companion.  Keep everyone warm, happy and healthy when enjoying all winter has to offer!



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