What conditions can be helped by chiropractic care???

Many people may wonder what conditions can be helped be chiropractic care. Any reason you would take yourself to the chiropractor for, you can take your pet as well. One of the most common conditions I see is arthritis. Senior dogs specially respond well to adjustments. By keeping the spinal segments above and below the arthritic joints healthy and moving, you may delay the progression of the arthritis. The adjustments also help to maintain healthy, normal movement of the spine.

Chiropractic care isn’t just for aging animals. Puppies and young dogs play hard and can over exert themselves at times. Chiropractic care can help in preventing injuries as well as relieving soreness due to over use. Then of course sometimes the puppy or dog may just go all out and take a tumble down the hill or off the couch. It is important to get them adjusted soon after the fall to prevent a minor bump from becoming a bigger problem.

Kona puppy

I have also had the honor of helping dogs who have suffered strokes return to a more normal, pre-stroke state of health. Although the dog may never heal completely, chiropractic care helps the nervous system to function at its most optimal state. When the nervous system is firing on all cylinders, the animal will heal more quickly and possibly more completely.

Is Fluffy not acting like her cuddly self? Behavioral problems can sometime be alleviated by proper adjustments. If an animal is in pain, they are not going to be their normal friendly self. Keep in mind animals are very stoic, especially dogs. They may not show signs of pain until the problem has become more severe. Pain is the last symptom to show up when there is a problem and the first symptom to go away.

This is The Dog Blog, but don’t forget…the cats, rabbits and other four legged and furry creatures can benefit from chiropractic as well. Get the whole family adjusted to them healthy and happy!

cat and dog