Delicious Dangers

The holidays have arrived and so have the delicious treats that come along with the celebrations. The beautiful plants and decadent goodies that we stock our homes with during the holidays, can be a trip to the emergency room waiting to happen for our pets.

During the holidays it is especially important to keep an eye on our furry friends and what they indulge in. Just because something is safe or delicious for humans, does not mean the same applies to dogs (and cats). Below is a short list of foods and plants toxic to dogs. This is by no means comprehensive and care should be taken whenever giving your dog a new treat or introducing plants/flowers into your home.

Plants:                                                                                  Foods:
American holly                                                                     Alcohol
American yew                                                                       Avocado
Baby’s breath                                                                        Macadamia Nuts
Calla lily                                                                                 Grapes/raisins
Caladium                                                                                Yeast dough (uncooked bread or baked goods)
Carnation                                                                               Xylitol (sweetner)
Christmas Rose                                                                    Onions, garlic, chives (small doses may be safe)
Mistletoe “American”                                                          Milk (cats and dogs cannot breakdown lactose like a human)
Painter’s pallete                                                                    Salt
Peace lily                                                                                Chocolate, coffee and caffeine
Pigtail plant



If your dog or cat manages to get into one of the above plants or foods, call your veterinarian immediately. You can also call the Animal Poison Control hotline at 888.426.4435. Note, there may be a $65 consultation fee for calling the Animal Poison Control hotline.

The moral of the story…during the holidays you may need that extra triple expresso mocha latte to keep you going, but don’t share with Fluffy. Keep plants and tempting treats out of reach from the pets. Don’t forget about the electrical cords and bright shiny ornaments, especially if you have a feline friend in your home. Nothing stops a party faster than the cat getting zapped while sitting in the Christmas tree munching on the twickle lights. It’s all fun and games until someone ends up at the vet’s office.

Enjoy this holiday season safely with your favorite furry family member!

holiday cat and dog


For a more complete list of toxic plants and food, consult our information source at