Pet-icures. Why nail trimming is important.

Many dogs have issues with their paws being touched.  This often leads into their nails not getting trimmed and becoming excessively long.  Long nails on a dog do so much more than just making them look beastly.  Over grown nails can change the way a dog walks, ultimately causing undue stress in the joints.

Just imagine what your nails would look like if you never trimmed your finger and toe nails.  Now imagine trying to do day to day tasks, like walking or typing.  Your dog probably isn’t going to be composing any e-mails in the near future, but they do walk on all four feet all the time.  The over grown nails change the angle at which your dog places his/her paw on the ground.  It also changes the contact points with the ground, which can effect the power your dog generates to move forward.  This translates into an imbalance in their gate, and more stress on a particular joint.  This extra stress can lead into future arthritis in the joint.  Not good, all because the dog needed a pet-icure!

Walking your dog isn’t always enough to file down their nails.  This is especially true if you are doing more hiking on dirt trails than walking on pavement.  When trimming your dogs nails it is important to trim enough off without over trimming.  Dark nails can be difficult to trim because the quick may not be visible.  Going past the quick can be very painful and will most likely cause the dog to bleed.  This also opens the dog’s nail up to infection.  If you are not comfortable trimming your dog’s nails yourself, make them an appointment  at the groomer or your vet.  You can often just schedule a quick nail trim instead of a full groom or vet visit.

Whether you trim your dog’s nails yourself or take them to be professionally trimmed it is extremely important to keep the nails at a safe length.  If you’re not sure how long is too long, ask the vet to show you on your dog’s paw what an acceptable length looks like.  Be proactive in keeping your dog healthy and happy!


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