“Sage” and Suzie Melton


“Dr. Christine,

Thank you so much for your help healing Sage.  So you can see from the photo, she had a great trial last weekend.  6/8 runs she qualified and ran as the fastest dog taking 6 first places! Couldn’t have done it without your help!”

~ Suzie and Sage

(Sage is a competitive agility dog)

Sage Melton

“Yogi Bear” and Tina & David Wilson

“Our very active golden retriever Yogi Bear started getting sore hips and out of alignment when he was about 4 years old.  He wouldn’t be able to play or hike while he recovered.  He is now 7 years old and we have him seeing Christine every 6 weeks for maintenance and he hasn’t had any problems the past 2 years we have been taking him to Animal Camp.  He loves his adjustments and we love that he is healthy, fit and able to hike with us all the time.”
-Tina & David Wilson

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“Henry” and Lisa Reeder

“I am writing this testimonial in reference to our avalanche dog, Henry Reeder.  He has worked on Vail mountain for the last 8 years as a VSP avalanche dog.  He is now semi retired, but still enjoys spending time on Vail Mountain every winter.  In the last few years he has had increasingly more days where he is slow getting to his feet and definitely sore!  About a year or so ago we were referred to Dr. Christine Labadie in respect to getting Henry some Chiropractic work.  This has changed his daily life!!  He welcomes the work she does and is amazingly more agile every time we see her.  I would recommend her work to anyone!  Dogs are a man’s best friend, give them the gift of Chiropractic!!”


Henry the avi dog