Little Fluff’s Adoption Story

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Hi, my name is Little Fluff.  I was adopted in January 2017 along with my sister Holly. My name used to be Ivy.  Get it? Holly and Ivy, because we were rescued and turned into the Eagle County Animal Shelter around Christmas.  We were so frightened of people no one could pick us up or even hardly handle us.  The shelter staff were so patient and nice.  They gave us lots of time to get to know them and try to relax, but we were just too scared.  We were labeled unadoptable as pets and listed as potential “barn cats”.

One day a nice couple came and got us from the shelter and put us in a big box with holes.  We didn’t know where we were going or who these people were, but off we went.  About an hour later they took us inside a cozy cabin and put us in what they kept calling “the kitten nursery”.  They gave us food and water.  We didn’t want any until the lunch meat was offered, we love lunch meat! All night we huddled in the corner of the box with holes and tried to be invisible.  The lady sat in the nursery with us for a long time, but we didn’t want to go say hi.  Too scary!

When the humans went to bed, Holly and I escaped the kitten nursery and went exploring!  There were so many places to hide!  But in the morning when the man discovered we were gone, he got the lady and they eventually found us.

When the couple were trying to catch us and put us back in the kitten nursery, I ran into the bathroom.  They came in after me and I was so frightened, I hide under the claw foot bathtub.  The lady was in a bathrobe and the man was dressed to go skiing.  So he bent down with his gloves and picked me up, so if I got scared and used my teeth he wouldn’t get hurt.  However, I am so fluffy he thought he had a tight enough grip, but nope, I just slide right out of his hands.  Until he tightened his grip and got me by the tail.  OUCH!  I didn’t mean to, but I ended up swinging toward the lady and grabbing her ankle with my teeth.  She yelped!  I guess I bite her pretty hard because she had to take medicine after that for something called an infection.  But she never yelled at me, just put me back in the big box.

In the next few days we met another cat.  A BIG, fluffy cat.  His name was Milo and I wanted to be just like him! The man called Milo “Fluffy”, because he is so fluffy.  I followed Milo everywhere.  When Milo did something, I wanted to do it too. Even when the humans pet him, I would try to be brave and get closer to them.  But I wasn’t ready for pets and snuggles yet.  I followed Milo around so much, the man started calling me Little Fluff.

As the days past, Holly and I began to explore this really nice upstairs area the humans called the loft.  We were supposed to go live outside, but a snowstorm came and we got to stay inside.  The loft was also the man’s office.  We loved hiding in the loft because it was warm and there were lots of papers to tear up.  This made the man angry and he would say, “they are supposed to be barn cats, they should live in the barn”.  But the lady loved us already and didn’t want us to go live in a cold snowy barn because we were still little.  Because the man loved the lady so much, he let us stay in his loft.  Every night while the man would work on his glowing machine, the lady would sit on the floor with us.  Eventually we would bravely sniff the man’s feet and venture closer to the lady.  One night I let her pet me.  It wasn’t so scary.  The lady did this for many, many nights.  Then one night she picked me up.  That was scary!  But not as scary as I thought, so I let her hold and pet me for a few seconds before launching away scratching up her hands.

Holly and I even started to explore the whole cabin.  The more we came down, the less scary things were.  Even the strange looking thing they called a dog wasn’t so bad.  We started to like the dog creature.  She let us play with her tail and didn’t go after us.  The more the humans pet me, the more I liked it.  I even started wrapping myself around their legs, especially the lady’s, to let them know I want pets and snuggles.  It took me about 6 months to be so brave.

It has been over six months now since the couple came to rescue us from the shelter.  We still live in the cabin and catch mice for them.  The lady says we aren’t barn kittens, we are cabin kittens now.  We just needed someone to be patient and kind, who would let us get to know them slowly. We have gotten in trouble a few times (or more) for chewing wires apart, shredding papers, leaving mouse guts on the floor to be stepped in and playing so loud at night the humans don’t sleep. But the humans have always been kind.  So in return I like to give snuggles and purr for them.

Since we moved in, the couple also let another dog creature come stay with us.  We all get along pretty well and like to gather in the kitchen together when the lady makes us breakfast.  The humans seem to like opening their home to animals in need.  We are glad they do, because now we have a cozy place to stay and don’t have to live in a barn.


Stay tuned for more adventures of Little Fluff and her friends.